HPI-Kolloquium: "Digital Health: What can we learn from Canada?"

16:00 o'clock
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HPI in Lecture Hall I

Campus Griebnitzsee

14482 Potsdam

Prof. Dr. Daniel C. Baumgart, University of Alberta, Canada

Precision health means the right treatment, for the right person, at the right time, in the right place. It requires a learning health system framework, one that digitally integrates and conceptually aligns medicine with science, economic viablitity, distinct social and physical enviroments, cultural diversity and patient preferences to deliver data-driven healthcare that empowers patients to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing. Electronic access to population-wide health and other data of all 4.51 million citizens, a diverse team od basic, social, clinical and computing scientists, support from patient ad-vocates and citizen groups embedded within a national strategy create a unique environ-ment to realize the opportunities and overcome the challenges of precision health.

Short CV

Daniel C. Baumgart, Professor of Medicine and Adjunct Professor of Computing Science, is a trailblazer of digital health and decision support. He has been deeply in-volved in the most recent upgrade of Canada's largest digitally integrated health system and directs the "From Data to Decision" Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE). CREATE unites a multidisciplinary group of researchers and innovators at 22 academic institutions and technology companies in North America, Europe and Asia that develop and study digital transformation and artificial intelliggence applications across various academic disciplines and industrial sectors as well as their impact on society. Prof. Baumgart's work in collaboration withe the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, Kule Institute of Advanced Study and Alberta Health Services received substantial federal funding.


Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel