GRECA – Investor search via digital matching

Are you looking for new investors who believe in your business ideas and are willing to support you – not only in terms of finance, but also with a well established network?

Throughout the event our experts in the field of innovation and blended finance from ifectis and m27 will give you an overview of the outstanding investment platform GRECA.

The tool offers a very efficient AI-driven matchmaking service to find the best fitting investor and / or business angel for YOUR requirements. In contrast to its alternatives, GRECA only presents thoroughly chosen and validated companies to an existing pool of more than 1400 investors and vice versa. Based on previous experience and caused by the restrictive and competitive election process, most companies who finally get access to GRECA will find at least one suitable investor within a time period of 6 - 9 month.

If you meet the following 3 criteria, it is likely for your company to find a successful match, too:

  • 200 k€ to 500 k€ of equity or public funds already collected
  • Technology Readiness Level: 6-9
  • Expected volume of invest: 1.000 k€ to 10.000 k€

Why you should join:

  • Get deeper insights into this unique matchmaking platform via an initial presentation
  • Subsequently benefit from the chance of a first 1:1 meeting with the investment experts from m27 for free

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