Startup Academy: Design Sprints for Scientists

12:00 till 16:00 o'clock
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How to Turn a Challenge Into a Solution.


This interactive half-day training introduces the Design Sprint, a process that allows teams to turn a challenge into a tested solution prototype in just five days. A Design Sprint generates realistic feedback from potential users early in the innovation process. Based on these insights, teams can sharpen their focus on real user needs and avoid following false tracks.

During the training you receive an overview of the typical Design Sprint process and get the chance to apply some of its key methods based on a real challenge. At the end there will be time to discuss how the key principles of Design Sprints could be applied to your own current challenges. Register now!


No-Show Fee:

Registrants who do not attend the Online Seminar will be considered ‘no shows’ and will be charged a no-show fee of 35 Euro. This is to ensure that all places are filled and that participants on the waiting list get a chance take your place.


Format: Online

Different modules, interactive exercises, sufficient breaks and different modalities (zoom, breakout rooms) will be mixed throughout the day.


What you need to provide

Please make sure that you have a working camera on your computer - we want to see everyone! Your background doesn't need to be perfect.

- Laptop, Phone, notepad and pen, sticky notes

- Your favorite beverage and drinks for your well-being and comfort



You will receive a certificate of participation.


This workshop is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State of Brandenburg.


Nina Kremser is a Senior Innovation Consultant of SOMMERRUST, a strategic innovation consultancy. SOMMERRUST helps companies innovate at speed, design new business models, and works with organizations to systematically improve their innovation capabilities. Nina Kremser worked in various Design Sprint projects and with an international pharmaceutical company for the development of new concepts, products and services.