24th Annual Biotech in Europe Forum (BEF)

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Mövenpick Hotel, Basel/Switzerland
The main programme for the 24th Annual BEF is spread throughout 2 days (25th – 26th of September) and will feature more than 15 hours of high-level keynotes and panel discussions.


In addition, there will be a global company showcase of 50+ presentations by established public, private, emerging and seed companies, offering innovative solutions and seeking investment and partnering opportunities. This will include a limited number of live presentations taking place in dedicated parallel presentation tracks, alongside virtual company showcases, which will be available on-demand during the virtual week. We anticipate 600+ delegates will register for the forum from all sectors of Life Sciences, with the target audience being corporate and financial investors/partners, banks and advisors, with part of the audience participating virtually.

The In-Person meetings will be taking place on the 25th – 26th of September, while virtual meetings will take place on the 2nd – 4th of October. For the virtual meetings, the system will allow you to have a secure audio/video call, as well as the option to present slides using a screen share function and we will have a dedicated room for in-person meetings. We expect over 2000 meetings to be completed during SALSW. The conference will be held in the Central European Time Zone.

More information: https://www.sachsforum.com/24bef-about.html