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BIO-Europe 2017

Event Date 06.11.17 to 08.11.17

Berlin: the place to be for BIO-Europe 2017!

Meet the German capital region at BIO-Europe, booth 59


Discover the Life Sciences Location Berlin during your stay for BIO Europe 2017!

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Please contact us before BIO Europe to organize taylor-made meetings and location tours for you to get more insights into Berlin!


Cluster Manager HealthCapital

Dr. Kai Uwe Bindseil 


Contact: Investment and Relocation

Carolin Clement


As a leading hub for life sciences, the German capital region will be pleased to welcome biotech experts from Europe and abroad. Besides the conference, they all are invited to enjoy 3 days in Berlin and to discover the biotech region of Berlin-Brandenburg. The region’s biotech sector in particular has registered steady growth and high start-up dynamism. 90% of the 240 biotech companies work in biomedicine. They develop innovative therapeutics and diagnostics to treat cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Above all, what makes the region strong is its unique research landscape, the close links between science and industry and the excellent infrastructure for clinical trials with more than 130 clinics, including Europe's largest university hospital – the Charité.

Find out what Berlin’s secret to success in life sciences is!


Find out how the city bridges the gap between science and business!


Where to Find the Perfect Mix of International and German Biotechs? Berlin!


Session: Glycobiotechnology in Diganostics and Therapy; Nov 7 at 9 am 

Glycans, the predominant biopolymer, play essential roles in health and disease including bacterial as well as viral infections, cancer and immunity.

New technologies such as automated glycan assembly and glycan sequencing are enabling a host of biomedical applications of glycans in diagnostics, therapy and preventive medicine. Glyco-engineered biopharmaceuticals and novel diagnostic tools contribute to important advances in the treatment of various diseases.

Carbohydrate conjugate vaccines are a market of over €10 billion per year and therapeutic glycoproteins generate over $35 billion in annual sales. Fueled by technological advances, the Glycobiotech sector is growing rapidly.

The Glycobiology Session will present recent developments in the application of glycans as therapeutics & vaccines and as biomarkers for the diagnostics of diseases. Vaxxilon will present a best practice example for the advancement of these scientific discoveries onto to the path of development and commercialization of novel vaccines.


The business partnering conference BIO-Europe 2017, organized by the EBD Group, will take place from November 6-8, 2017 in Berlin.

Event Date 06.11.17 to 08.11.17