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Technology transfer

The partnership between science and business is a key success factor in both innovative product development and economic development. For the Berlin-Brandenburg region, which features a number of scientific institutions and primarily small and medium-sized companies, interconnection is one of the key factors for regional development. We provide support in the form of a number of regional technology transfer measures:

  • Initiation and coordination of group R&D projects
  • Initiation of research groups
  • Interdisciplinary interconnection for science-related focal topics
  • Setting up contacts between business and science
  • Support in developing funding opportunities for innovation projects as a contact point for regional, federal and EU funding programs
  • Translational support for research results
  • Expert evaluation of translational concepts
  • Identification of suitable financing instruments
  • Identification and advanced development of scientific concepts with high market potential (i2m)

contact us:

Volker Erb

Project manager technology transfer, company foundation, financing

Tel: +49 30 46302-515