EFRELand Brandenburgbe Berlin

International Relations

Global research and sales partnerships are already well positioned in the biotechnology field, and new companies entering the sector are exposed to international competition from the very beginning. The biotechnology companies in Berlin-Brandenburg are well aware of this situation and as a result, expanding and consolidating their international activities has become a focus of their business. When it comes to international research partnerships, the capital region already occupies an excellent position. For example, the universities and research institutes in the region receive more Europe research funding than various EU member countries do. The companies in Berlin-Brandenburg want to be a bigger part of this success story through joint projects with scientific institutions and European partners.

The capital region is also an active part of Europe life sciences networks and has excellent contacts and joint projects with other bioregions (the Council of European Bioregions, ScanBalt and the European Diagnostic Clusters Alliance).  

Our international tasks include:

  • Representing the bioregion at leading international trade shows
  • Participating in EU projects that are strategically important to the region
  • Networking with the key European and international life sciences regions
  • Support in organizing partnership exchanges, delegation trips and trade show exhibitions
  • Identifying suitable European funding partners and support in submitting applications to them
  • Finding industrial and scientific partners for R&D projects