EFRELand Brandenburgbe Berlin

Our services for you:

  • We support your relocation plans and help you find the ideal location.
  • We provide you with information on financial support options, financial instruments and investors for research, development, and translational projects.
  • We support your search for suitable partners for your project.
  • We help you establish contact with the authorities, banks, chambers, associations, and networks you will need for establishing your business and implementing your projects.
  • We help you recruit well-trained personnel.
  • We provide support when you are creating your business plan.
  • We boost your visibility at national and international trade shows and events.
  • We provide you with facts, figures and information on HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg.

Interested? Contact us:

For Berlin:

Carolin Clement
Head of Unit Biotech | Pharma
Tel. +49 30 46302-430

For Brandenburg:

Florian Schlehofer
Deputy Head of Cluster Management Healthcare Industries
Tel. +49 331 20029-256
Email: Florian.Schlehofer(at)wfbb.de