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Call for Posters: POCT meets Age-Associated Diseases


Experts discuss perspectives for in vitro diagnostics.

Connecting again the International Technology Forum on In vitro-Diagnostics and Bioanalysis with the Potsdam Colloquium on Bioanalysis, the Potsdam Days on Bioanalysis give new insights in the area of diagnostics for the ageing society as well as in new developments of IVD.

Facing the medical and technological needs, this year’s Technology Forum focuses on in vitro-diagnostics in the aging society. International well-known speakers present new developments and recent challenges in this area during the following sessions:

  • Role of IVD for innovative patient care of elderly patients
  • Challenges of IVD for elderly patients
  • Diagnostic biomarkers for age-associated diseases
  • New biomarkers indicating the aging process

Potsdam Colloquium shows how to bring laboratory results to POCT. Non-invasive testing with fast results will transform our healthcare system and can have a positive impact on operational efficiency, patient care, infectious disease outbreaks, diabetes monitoring, to name just a few applications. Technological innovations, including biosensors, lab-on-chip and wearable devices, as well as quality management and new IVD directive will be discussed.

Call for Posters:

Our event offers the opportunity to exhibit posters with scientific background in regard of the sessions shown in the program. These posters are ment to present development and research projects and their aim is to bring participants into contact with each other and provide the space for discussion.

Due to restricted amount of space the amount of posters is limited. Poster’s format is: upright and A0 (841 x 1189 mm).
Please sign in by October 4th, 2017 and insert your poster`s title. We will get back to you by the end of October letting you know if you can exhibit your poster.
In this case we will provide you with a centrally allocated space for your poster (pins will be provided), which will be accessible throughout the entire event for participants. Please be so kind as to be present during lunch breaks in order to speak to interested people.

Please contact Isabel Hahne, Cluster HealthCapital: Phone: +49 (0) 30 46 302 544,
Email: isabel.hahne(at)berlin-partner.de.

More information on the event: www.b2match.eu/potsdamdays-bioanalysis2017