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Engine of innovation and growth

The biotechnology industry is a powerful engine of innovation and economic growth in Berlin-Brandenburg. In the healthcare industries in particular, it provides an important stimulus at the interfaces to the pharmacological, diagnostic and medical technology sectors.

In the German capital region, there are currently 230 biotechnology companies and around 30 pharmaceutical companies. With almost 10,000 jobs, the pharmaceutical industry maintains its rank as the no. 1 employer. With only marginal fluctuations, this employment level has been constant since 1990. In the same period, revenues have more than quadrupled. This development parallels the industry in Germany as a whole. Alongside Bayer Healthcare and Berlin Chemie, part of the Menarini Group, other major players in the industry, such as Sanofi, Pfizer and Takeda, are now located in the German capital region. In these cases and in future relocations as well, companies not only require the national capital function with its proximity to the political decision makers, but also the connection to an R&D location and a highly productive biotechnology scene.

Many companies are spin-offs of local research institutes. As part of thematic networks, they collaborate closely with the scientists in the region.