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Numerous life sciences fields are unimaginable without bioinformatics. In Berlin-Brandenburg, the promising field of systems biology and its medical applications is especially well-established.

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Here in Germany’s most important life sciences region, around100 diagnostics companies and many renowned research institutes cover the entire in vitro diagnostics value-added chain.

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Nutritional research

The German capital region offers a wide spectrum of expertise in nutrition, from nutrigenomics research and food technologies to nutrition-related diseases.

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Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine is a biomedical sciences area that harbors great potential for innovation. It focuses on curing various diseases by regenerating functionally defunct cells, tissue and organs.

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Industrial biotechnology

Industrial or white biotechnology uses a range of microorganisms, enzymes and processes to supply the technology necessary for using biogenic raw materials to produce materials and energy for a bio-based economy.

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Active pharmaceutical ingredient development

The development of innovative active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is the most challenging discipline in modern biomedicine. In Berlin-Brandenburg, a number of companies are positioned to meet those challenges.

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