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Berlin-Brandenburg is a leading location with a lot to offer. The joint Berlin Partner/ ZAB ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg Life Science team is happy to provide you with helpful information at any time and give you advice on finding a location and applying for funding. If you decide to relocate your business here, the Life Science team will support the entire process.


Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is the central contact point in Berlin for supporting business relocations, advising Berlin-based firms on all issues regarding foreign trade, and showcasing and marketing Berlin as a location.

In the Business Location Center online portal, you will find all of the economic data on Berlin in one place, a real estate portal, and special products such as the Berlin Business Financing, Berlin Business Locating and Berlin Business Recruiting packages.

Our services include information and support for financing and development promotion and a real estate locator. In the labor market, we will also help you with recruiting and staff development.

We’ll be happy to support your relocation to Berlin.


Carolin Clement
Head of Unit Biotech | Pharma
Tel. +49 30 46302-430
Email: Carolin.Clement(at)berlin-partner.de


ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg GmbH

The ZAB service profile includes business, innovation, technology and foreign trade support, energy consulting and technology transfer and company network management.

We are your central contact point for all of the information you require about business location Brandenburg  and will work with you to develop customized solutions. Through our close collaboration with ILB, the business promotion bank of the State of Brandenburg, and BC Brandenburg Capital GmbH, we are able to offer our customers systematic advisory services on state, federal and EU funding as well as financing options. Your success is our goal.


Florian Schlehofer
Deputy Head of Cluster Management Healthcare Industries
Tel. +49 331 20029-256
Email: Florian.Schlehofer(at)zab-brandenburg.de