EFRELand Brandenburgbe Berlin

Joint cluster management for a strong healthcare region

At the interface of business, science and clinics, the HealthCapital cluster management drives networking and the technology transfer in the region and supports the German and international companies interested in relocating to the German capital region.

The cluster management is responsible for implementing the HealthCapital master plan of the state governments of Berlin and Brandenburg, and developing the region into one of the leading centers for the healthcare industries and life sciences in the world.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and Brandenburg Invest (WFBB) are responsible for managing the cluster.

The activities of the cluster management are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The aim is to promote innovation and cooperation between companies and research institutions with the result of increasing competitiveness for smart, sustainable and integrative growth.

Stefan Oelrich

Cluster Spokesman

Stefan Oelrich

Senior Vice President Head Global Diabetes Franchise
Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH

T +49 30 46302-463



Cluster Manager

Dr. Kai Bindseil

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology
Head of Division Life Sciences I Healthcare Industries

Tel. +49 30 46302-512

Deputy Cluster Manager

Florian Schlehofer

Brandenburg Invest (WFBB)

+49 331 – 730 61-253