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Thanares GmbH Awarded US-Patent for Novel Preparations of Tartary Buckwheat with Health Benefits


Thanares GmbH, the R&D biotechnology company in the field of phytochemicals, announced the issue by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on April. 11, 2017 of a new patent about its novel preparation of tartary buckwheat.

The patent, US 9,615,600, on an invention by Dr. Hans-Michael Thiede and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kehr, entitled ’’DIETETIC OR PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATION CONTAINING TARTARY BUCKWHEAT’’, includes claims covering the preparation method of a composition containing ground buckwheat and a protein solution, and its uses thereof. Corresponding EU patent is expected to be granted in July 2017. Consumption of the buckwheat preparation leads to generation of high quantities of 4-Methylcatechol (4-MC) by the gut’s microbiota. “4-MC is a potent stimulator of endogenous nerve growth factor (NGF) synthesis both in vitro and in vivo. Numerous studies demonstrated that 4-MC treatment could be useful for diabetic neuropathy.’’ said Dr. Hans-Michael Thiede, founder and managing director of Thanares GmbH. ,,Our invention provides a preparation method of tartary buckwheat with protein solution, yielding very high quantities of 4-MC formed from rutin. We believe, that the invention has benefits in human and veterinary medicine, including functional food. The preparation process is simple and the bioavailability of 4-MC is high.’’ The company is currently actively involved in research collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies and research institutes focused on neurodegenerative disorders.

About Thanares GmbH
Thanares GmbH was founded by Dr. Thiede in 2001 and is headquartered in Potsdam, Germany. The company focuses on the field of phytochemicals. With its strengths in developing bioanalytical methods, Thanares is working on the elucidation of the mode of action of phytochemicals with health promoting properties, including identification and development of new leads for treatment and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.

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